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Welcome to the Imperial Forces Boot Camp!

Like all of the Imperial soldiers you will begin your career at the Imperial Forces Boot Camp where you will get an Advanced PVP and PVE training. Such training is a unique experience requiring special dedicaton and desire to be challenged mentally and physically. During your Basic Training you will learn about your classe's strong and weak sides, and how to utilize them during the PVP or PVE events. Remember, from now on you are part of the Elite Dark Force, where your skills and game experience will be utilized to make our guild stronger and deadly to our enemies on the Republican side. You will get an assistance while leveling up along with getting top notch gear. While you leveling up to lvl 50 you will be trained in a Small Units (4 players) Tactics that will help you successfuly accomplish any Heroics or Flashpoints in order to get a better gear. Untilize an Auction House to buy the best possible gear, so you're always stay on top of your gaming progress. If you have a weak gear it will indanger the entire unit to fail during the mission. There are three main Imperial Occupational Specialties (IOS's): 18t - tank, 18d - dps, and 18m - medic. Each specialty is crusial to the Unit or Raid success. You will be provided with the best possible build for your class suitable either for PVP or PVE. While preparing for the PVP raids, we'll be hosting Dueling Training Events, where you will be trained on how to defeat each class by utilizing your class best skills. To make it even more interesting we can create characters on the Republican side so we can sharpen our PVP skills in the real fight. To finalize this welcome message you are part of not some kind of random guild, you are part of the Elite Imperial Forces family where together we can make a difference, while brining death to all of our enemies. Welcome to the guild and long live the Emperor!

--Marshal Kyusho

P.S. Let's explore the game to the full extend by organizing HM Heroics, Ops, and World Bosses Raids, while nailing pre-made War Zones to get best possible PVP gear.

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